Steam locomotive Pu29-3

Manufacturer: H. Cegielski Spółka Akcyjna, Poznań
Serial number and year of manufacture: 200/1931
Axle arrangement: 2’D1’
Maximum speed: 110 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,5 MPa (15 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 860/1850/1200 mm

Tender series: 32D29

Water/ Coal supply: 32 m³/ 9 t

Service mass of steam locomotive, tender included: 181 300 kg
Length over buffers: 24 620 mm


On commission of the Ministry of Communication under professor Antoni Xsiężopolskiego (a member of the MK  Technical Council  ), the Design Office of Hipolit Cegielski Manufacturing Company in  1929 in Poznań  has elaborated the documentation of steam  locomotive. It was  designed to run German heavy express trains; transit to East Prussia  on the route Chojnice - Tczew – Malbork. Only three prototypes, which received the designation of Pu29 series were produced. It was the longest express steam locomotive  of the Polish State Railways -  it was 24 620 mm long , so it  did not fit to the majority of turntable devices  and also have the largest surface area of ​​the manually operated grate. The further production of Pu29 locomotives was abandoned in favor of more universal Pt31 locomotive, designed and built in Fablok in Chrzanów. In the interwar period the Pu29 locomotives stationed in Chojnice. After the war, in the fleet of Polish State Railways appeared only one unit from this series  recovered in April 1949; former Pu29-3 , which received the inventory number "1". After twenty years of service at Gdańsk  District State Railways Management (DOKP Gdańsk) it was withdrawn from traffic at the Toruń locomotive shed and deleted from the inventory on 20 March 1970.