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Taking into account the conservation of railway heritage in Poland, Polish State Railways and the Marshal Office of the Mazovia Province decided that it is necessary to establish a new cultural institution called “The Museum Station”, which is an idea- and content-related heir of the Railway Museum in Warsaw. The Museum had in its collection many exhibits which are valuable and unique on a European scale. Having been saved from destruction and extensively renovated, they are going to be the linchpin of the new exhibition.

“Museum Station” is temporarily located in the building of already closed Warsaw Main Railway Station, placed at Towarowa 3 Street in Warsaw, until its future seat in Odolany, in western part of Warsaw is built.

A discussion on relocating and restructuring of the Railway Museum has already started a few years ago. On July 15th, 2014, the Mazovia province, the Capital City of Warsaw, Polish State Railways and Chief Technical Organisation bringing together 37 associations signed a letter of intent defining cooperation in establishing a new cultural institution – the Technology and Communication Centre. The project was later limited only to the part which concerned railway heritage, so the number of partners was reduced. A conditional agreement between Polish State Railways and the Mazovia province was signed on October 21st, 2014. It regulated the rules of the two parties’ cooperation in creating “The Museum Station “. Moreover, it was recognised that instead of Technology and Communication Centre, “The Museum Station”, devoted to the topic of railway, is going to be established. On 8th May, 2015, the Mazovia province and Polish State Railways signed a conditional agreement, which stated that “The Station Museum”, a local government cultural institution, is going to be established and run, this agreement also specified the areas of cooperation between the two organising authorities. As a result of this agreement, a few weeks later, on 15th June, the Mazovian Regional Assembly passed two resolutions: one declaring that the Railway Museum in Warsaw is going to be closed down, and the other – that “The Museum Station”, a local government cultural institution, is going to be established and run together with Polish State Railways, and that the constitution of it is going to be provided as well. On March 31st, 2016, the Railway Museum was removed from the register of cultural institutions.

After a break connected with closing down the Railway Museum which lasted more than two months, a grand opening of “Museum Station” took place on 14th May 2016, during the Night of Museums.